Saturday, March 28, 2015

1802 Map of Sydney - translated

In my last post I included a reference to this map of 1802, which was actually published in German.

I sourced the image here: and that page also includes translations to the KEY shown at the bottom of the map. I was not smart enough to notice this, so I asked my good German friend Daniel Pursche to translate - and here are his translations to the map. Very useful guide for circa 1802 reading (such as when the Sydney Gazette started in 1803).

1. River
2. Battery / Depot with signal flag
3./4. Hospital buildings
5. Mr Campbell's storage depot
6. Ship's carpenter's place
7. Chalupe (boat) of Mr Bass
8. Hospital street
9. Prison
10. Brandy and salted meet storage depot (my favourite :-) )
11. Weapon's place ( I assume a central storage for all kinds of weapons...???)
12/13. General Governor's House and Garden
14. Public Education building (I assume: a school...)
15. Crop storage depot
16./17. Barracks and yard
18. Officers' buildings/housing
19. Gun powder depot
20. Church
21. Windmill
22. Bridge
23. Battery
24. Saline
25. Governor's street
26. General furniture and tool depot
27. Clothing and rope depot
28. Public work house (whatever that may have been....???)
29. Governor's House and Garden
30. Governor's millhouse and bakery
31. Governor's print and newspaper shop
32. / 33. / 34. Housing, brick manufacture, and shipyard of Mr Palmer (that guy must have been Sydney's entrepreneur of the year 1808...)
35. The old / former gallows
36. The new gallows
37. Graveyard
38. Village 'Brick-Field', where many brick shops, potter's workshops and Faience shops are located (Faience:

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