Monday, October 8, 2012

STAN(N)ILAND of East Markham, Nottinghamshire

My STANILAND line traces back (as far as I've gotten anyway) to East Markham, Nottinghamshire, England. There seem to have been multiple family lines in East Markham in the 1700s. East Markham is very close to the border with Lincolnshire, and several Staniland's moved to that county over time, which makes it more difficult to sort out the family.

While searching the British digitized newspapers, I found the following article. I have no place for it in my tree, so it goes into the Random Family History pile. I was particularly intrigued by the reference to the law case, which i will try and expand on below:

Stamford Mercury
Thu 22 April 1830
On Thursday the 15th inst., at Saxilby, in his 40th year, Mr. Thomas Stanniland, late of East Markham. The deceased was bled a few days previous to his death ; the incision festered, and mortification ensued. He was brother to the late Joseph Stanniland, and one of the plaintiffs in the famous will cause, "Stanniland and others against Ludlam."

The article gives a great deal of information. Saxilby is only a few miles east of East Markham, despite the change of county.

Thomas' baptism was in 1789 (in keeping with the age 40 in 1830:
East Markham, Notts baptism
Name: Thomas Staniland
Date of birth: 2 Apr 1789
Date of baptism: 5 Apr 1789
Father: William Staniland
Mother: Ann

The brother Joseph referred to was
East Markham, Notts baptism
Name: Joseph Staniland
Date of birth: 28 Jul 1800
Date of baptism: 30 Jul 1800
Father: William Staniland
Mother: Ann

I have not been able to learn much regarding the 'famous will cause', but the case was heard in 1825, and related to 'replevin' - which is a legal remedy for a person to recover goods unlawfully withheld from his or her possession. The case related to recovery of costs, but related to an original contest over a will. Apparently Joseph Staniland (perhaps Thomas' brother) made two wills, one in Aug 1823 and one in Oct 1824. Thomas was 'devisee' (beneficiary of land) in the will dated Oct 1824. Given that the case was heard in 1825, Joseph must have died in 1824 or 1825.

As for Thomas' own will, I sourced a copy through the Lincolnshire Archives on-line ( I show both pages here, but rather than transcribe it I provide only a summary below.

Will - Staniland, Thomas
Reference Name STOW WILLS/1828-30/157
Name: Staniland, Thomas
Place: Saxilby, Lincolnshire
Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]

Dated 14 April 1830, Will of Thomas Staniland of Saxilby, Maltster. In his will, Thomas left everything to his wife Elizabeth Staniland. There is no mention of children in the will (that is not to say that they did not have children). Thos' signature is extremely shaky, which is not surprising as he died that day (or perhaps the following). On 29 Oct 1830, Widow Elizabeth Staniland of Saxelby certified that value of estate was under 600 pounds.

I have not identified a marriage for Thomas to a Elizabeth, nor any children.