Saturday, January 28, 2012

Early stories on Hemingford Grey and Hemingford Abbotts

Because of my HALL family roots in the village of Hemingford Abbotts, I'm interested in life in the village. I've searched for early newspaper articles on these places.

Newcastle Courant - Monday 21 October 1737 
The following extract of a letter from Somersham near the Fens of Ely, shews that our fears were but too justly grounded with relation to the damages expected from the late heavy rains. Somersham, Oct 3 'The continual and heavy rains which fell from Wednesday last to this morning, have made great devastation in these parts : all the meadows and roads about St. Ives, Huntingdon, Hemingford, &c. are laid under water, that there is hardly is hardly any passing from town to town without a boat.... damage has likewise been done to their oats, some of which are yet standing...'

Ipswich Journal - Monday 18 September 1741 
Extract of a letter from St Ives, Huntingdon, Sept 9. Yesterday morning about three quarters after eleven, a very violent hurricane of wind arose from the Western Quarter, which did not continue half an hour.... The spires of Hemingford and Bluntisham Churches were likewise blown down, and it is computed that the Damage done to the Rector's house and Gardens of the latter place amounts to upwards of 500 l.

The Ipswich Journal - Friday 8 May 1761 
Thursday died, after a long an painful illness, Mr. John Scott, Gent. of Hemingford in the County of Huntingdon.

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Wednesday 7 December 1763 
Country Intelligence. Cambridge. This morning as violent a storm of wind arose here (which lashed some hours) as has been known in the memory of the oldest living man.... At Hemingford, near St Ives, the wind was so excessive high, that the inhabitants got out of their beds, expecting every moment their houses to fell down.

Northampton Mercury - Sunday 3 July 1774 
A few days ago died, at the Rectory-House at Hemingford-Abbotts, Huntongdonshire, Mrs. Mary Dickens, (aged 88 years) Relict of the Rev. Samuel Dickens, 36 years rector of Hemingford Abbots, and four of Hungerton-cum-Wyton, in the said county.

Northampton Mercury - Sunday 1 August 1784 
Next week will be published A THANKSGIVING SERMON, preached to his people by Charles Dickens, vicar of Hemingford Grey, Huntingdonshire...

Ipswich Journal - Friday 6 August 1790 
CAMBRIDGE The same day was married, Mr Charles Lucas, of Hemingford Abbots, Huntingdonshire, to Miss Ogilvie, niece of Sir George Robinson, of Cranford, Northamptonshire, Bart.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 14 October 1791 
Wanted immediately, for Six months work, two journeyman millwrights. To sober, steady men, that are good hands, will be given eighteen shillings per week, per man. Apply to Thomas Bettles, Hemingford-Grey, Huntingdonshire.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 20 July 1792 
In the night of the 14th instants, the Counting House of Mr. Margetts, of Hemingford Mills, near St. Ives, was broke into and robbed of a considerable sum in cash and bills.

Northampton Mercury - Friday 11 October 1793 
DIED lately at the Rectory House, Hemingford-Abbots, Huntingdonshire, the Rev. Charles Dickens LL.D, aged 73.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The death certificate of Alice BRIGHT (1894-19

I've written previously about helping my friends in their search for Alice BRIGHT ( While we identified her family, we had no luck finding her death.

All that was known anecdotally was that "there was a family "rumour" which may or may not be true that Alice died of TB at about 29". This would be around 1925.

I searched initially for Alice BRIGHT deaths, but as outlined in my previous post, Alice's full name is Sarah Ann Alice BRIGHT. A search for Sarah deaths yielded a possible hit:

Deaths Sep quarter 1920
BRIGHT Sarah A 36 Bromsgrove 6c 190

I ordered this certificate and it seems to connect everything up.

1920 DEATH in the Sub-District of Bromsgrove in the County of Worcester
No 492
When and where died: Twenty fourth September 1920 Isolation Hospital Hill Top Bromsport WD
Name and surname: Sarah Ann Bright
Sex: Female
Age: 26 years
Occupation: of No 1 Upper Chase Road Malvern W.D. Spinster Domestic Servant
Cause of death: (1) Pulmonary Phthsis no P.M. Certified by H Cameron Kidd M.B.
Signature, description and residence of informant: Sarah Ann Palmer, Aunt, 24 The Holloway Droitwich

The date and cause of death upholds the family story relating to her death. Importantly, Sarah Ann (Alice)'s residence, Upper Chase in Malvern, corresponds with where her grandchildren were born, suggesting that there was a continuous family connection in that street.

Finally, the aunt acting as informant is incredibly useful, as we know that Alice Bright had an aunt named Sarah Ann Alice also. Her father, Henry Thomas Bright had a sister, Sarah Ann BRIGHT, baptised in 1863. This clinches that this Sarah Ann Bright death certificate is the one we are interested in.