Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Suicide interrupted

Sydney Gazette
Sunday April 17 1803

On Thursday night last a Settler at Kissing Point attempted to put a period to his worldly difficulties, by scientifically applying a noose to his neck, and TURNING himself off in due form. The noise occassioned by this DERNIER resource alarmed a young girl in an adjoining room, who, with a remarkable presence of mind, severed the suspending cord, and thus, though not without much difficulty, restored the care-devoted victim to the current of anxiety by which he had been precipitated to so criminal an attempt upon his own existence ; and which had been occasioned, as we are informed, by a superabundance of sensibility, and an insupportable vexation, ocassioned by the elopement of an AMIABLE partner, whose paramour, to add to his mortification, wore a wooden leg.

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