Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Matrimonial Hoax

SMH 26 September 1854

A MATRIMONIAL HOAX - It is extremely difficult at times to trace back to their secret spring the actions of people who from general conduct would not be adjudged insane. On Friday last, a man, calling himself John Daley, who had grown grey in years, if not ripe in wisdom, called at our office and desired his marriage with Miss Ellen O'Hearn on the 15th inst. to be announced. Nothing doubting, the advertisement was drawn out in due form, paid for, and made its appearance in last Saturday's issue Everything passed off peaceably until Monday morning, when the indignant Miss O'Hearn, evidently in her teens, rushed into our sanctum, and repudiated the notice as a vile imposition, asserting that she was still in a state of single blessedness. In extenuation of the trick of which we have been made the unwitting medium, we have to congratulate the fair damsel that it is a trick and nothing more, and to express a hope that the fates have something better in store for her as a husband than a miserable old curmedgeon, who appears to have as much sense as decency, and quite as little decency as feeling. "John Daley, shepherd to Mr. Lynch, at Cowra," may fancy that in palming a disgraceful fabrication upon us, he has done a very clever thing, and perhaps gratified some malignant purpose of his heart. There is very littel credit due to him, however, for his little ingenuity. Representing himself as the bridegroom of some young wife whose case we pitied, there appeared no reason to doubt his statement, and we were, therefore, imposed upon. May our explanation of the facts prove as satisfactory to the blooming complainant as salutary to her surreptitious 50 year old bridegroom.