Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Old Sydney Burial Ground

Most burials from 1793-1822 in Sydney were at the Old Sydney Burial Ground, under what is now Town Hall. The full history of the cemetery is here:

Even while the cemetery was still in use there were problems:

Sydney Gazette
Sunday 25 November 1804

The fence reund the Burial Ground has of late been robbed of part of its paling, possibly to be converted into fuel. It would be impossible to suspect men of such a meanness unless it were positively established, as sacrilegiously to strip a consecrated ground, that had been protected by public contribution from the resort of swine and other flock, with no other possible view than that of answering a trifling want which might have been otherwise with equal ease supplied. Dastard must be the living spirit that would thus pollute the mansions of the dead with wanton and unprofitable crime-: insulting decency, and wounding the respect which friends and relatives still sensibly retain for the departed. Shame on the indecent miscreant ! and if detection 'light upon this crime, contempt prepare a stamp whereby he shall be shunned and pointed at.

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