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Court records

From Gracie

1 August 1831 Monday
Court Records

"Friday, July 29-- HUGH CARRIGAN was charged by his wife, under the following circumstances:- An old woman bending beneath the weight of years, stated that about twelve months ago she was induced to marry the prisoner, who held a ticket of leave for Windsor, at which times she was possessed of about L 500 in cash, together with considerable landed property. The prisoner had found means to obtain possession of the cash which he had squandered away, and had sold every article of value out of her house, even to her gold watch, which he had taken off the mantelpiece; and on Friday night he tied her up in the passage of the house, and beat her unmercifully with the handle of a whip, till her body was perfectly black; this treatment was evidently resorted to for the purpose of obtaining possession of the title deeds of her landed property, which she refused to surrender, as she had six motherless grandchildren to provide for. The Bench after expressing their detestation of such conduct, ordered him ten days exercise on the tread hill, and informed him they should recommend his Excellency to cancel his ticket of leave.

MargM put together some notes on this poor woman:

Elizabeth THOMPSON, arrived per Indispensible in 1808, sentenced at Middlesex. Married George(?) NOBLE in 1809, and is listed in the 1814 Muster as wife of W NOBLE. A William NOBLE died in 1826 and left a will. In 1828 census Elizabeth NOBLE, 50 , free by servitude, a housekeeper of Castlereagh St. Elizabeth NOBLE married Hugh CORRIGAN in 1830.

The BDM index lists a burial of Elizabeth CORRIGAN in 1831 aged 60. Hugh CORRIGAN seems to have met his maker in 1834, aged 54 at Maitland.

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