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Coroner's Inquest

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23 August 1832 Thursday

On the same day, an Inquest was convened at the STEAM PACKET, Sussex-street, on the body of MALCOLM CAMPBELL, who was found dead in his dwelling that morning, his head reclining on his arm, which was placed on a table. It appeared that deceased indulged in spirituous and other liquors, which no doubt cased his death. The Jury returned a verdict of, died by the visitation of God.

Note burial in NSW BDM index:
V183263 102/1832 CAMPBELL, MALCOLM, AGE 38

There was also a report of this inquest in:
Sydney Gazzette
Tuesday 21 August 1832
Coroner's Inquests - More Fatal Results of Drunkenness
"Two inquests were held on Sunday, by the Coroner for Sydney, the evidence adduced at which afforded fresh proofs of the lamentable consequences of giving way to that brutalizing passion, a desire for excess of spirituous liquors....

The second inquest took place the same, after-noon at the "Steam Packet" public-house, opposite the Market Wharf, on view of the body of Malcolm Campbell, who died in that house some hours before.

The deceased was a settler possessed of some land near Kiamah, but resided in Sydney, at the " Steam Packet." For eighteen months past, he had been sadly addicted to habits of intemperance, and during the last six weeks rarely seen sober. On Saturday night, he was drinking hard as usual with several other individuals till the sacred hours of the Sabbath appeared. About 6 o'clock he again commenced, and after taking one glass of rum, drank his share of two half-pints of that spirit, and two quarts of beer, with a couple of other individuals, whose reflections on the subject - if reflect they can, appear likely to produce little reformation, judging from the fact, that when called upon to give their evidence at the inquest, several hours afterwards, they were still in such a state of stupidity and intoxication, that the worthy Coroner very properly declined tendering the oath. After his companions left, the deceased reclined his head on the table, whare he continued some time, till the landlord, supposing him asleep, went to rouse him, but giving him a shake, found to his horror that the unhappy man was unconscious of his grasp, his spirit having returned to God, who gave it. The facts of the case were too plain to admit of doubt, and the jury returned a verdict of "Died by tht visitation of God."


30 August 1832 Thursday

On Sunday last an Inquest was held at the ALBION HOTEL, Market Wharf, on the body of a man named MICHAEL HARTNEY, who died the previous day at the WOODCUTTER'S ARMS. It appeared the deceased was a Shingle Splitter and Ash Burner, and when he came to Sydney he was in the habit of spending all his money in Public Houses, DR. HOSKING was of opinion that he died in a state of intoxication-- Verdict, died by the visitation of God.

Notes: No burial entry found in NSW BDM. In 1828 NSW census, Michael Hartney aged 30 (b. abt 1798) is listed as arriving as a convict with a 7 year sentence in 1823 on the Medina, in the employ of William Harris at Goulburn Plains. The Sydney Gazette has a similar article published in its Tuesday 28 August 1832 issue.

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