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Coroner's Inquest

From Genie.

7 June 1832

"On Tuesday an Inquest was convened before Maj. SMEATHMAN, the Coroner for Sydney, on the body of a child that was found secreted in a sack in a Cesspool, in Clarence-street. No evidence being offered as to how the child came to be there, or by what means it had met its death, the Jury returned a Verdict "That the body had been place there by some person or persons unknown."

Note: there are three burials of unknown people transcribed for 1832.

9 July 1832 Monday

"On Friday, an Inquest was held at the BAKER'S ARMS, George-street, on the body of FRANCES JAMES, an young girl, age 10 years, who died from the injury sustained in consequence of her clothes having ignited from approaching too close to the fire. The Jury retuned a verdict of accidental death."

Note: No NSW BDM transcript found, but the Sydney Gazette has the following on Sat 7 Jul 1832: " CORONER'S INQUEST-DREADFUL ACCIDENT. An inquest was yesterday convened at the " Baker's Arms" public-house, in George-street, on the body of Frances Jacobs, a child, aged about seven years, who came by her death under the following distressing circumstances: About one o'clock on Tuesday, a person named Jacobs, resident in Hunt's cottages, having occasion to proceed with his wife to the other end of the town, left the place in charge of the deceased. Some time afterwards, the child, while endeavouring to reach some play things, knocked down the bel- lows which hung alongside the fire-place, and was in the act of picking them up when the fire ignited her clothes, and in a moment more was enveloped in flame. Her dreadful screams soon brought some neighbours to her assistance, who as quickly as possible immersed her in a pool of water hard by, and so extinguished the fire. Her legs and body being dreadfully burnt, she was wrapped in a blanket and conveyed to the shop of Dr. Hosking's, who applied some plasters to the parts injured, and she was conveyed home again, when the little sufferer lingered till Thursday night, when the hand of death terminated her excruciating agonies. These facts having transpired in evidence, the jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."

So her burial register from NSW BDM appears for Frances Jacob:
V18321674 16/1832 JACOBS, FRANCIS S INFANT

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