Friday, October 16, 2009

Central Police Court

From Max Bancroft

Sydney Morning Herald 6th of March 1882

Mr. Clarke, S.M. Took the Bench on Saturday.

ROSE DUFFY was charged with vagrancy, having no lawful means of support. She
had been for several days seen lying about the Belmore Gardens, and was on
Friday brought before this Bench, when she asked for, and was granted, an
order for admission into the Benevolent Asylum, but did not avail herself of
it. It transpired that she had been an inmate of the asylum, but would not
remain there; she had friends she alleged who were well off, and aught to
maintain her.

To be imprisoned and kept at hard labour for three months.

SARAH BROWN, was charged with vagrancy. Sergeant POWELL saw her in York
Street on Friday afternoon and took her into custody as a person suspected
of having insufficient means of support. He said she was fined 20 shillings
on Friday morning, at the Water Police Court, for using obscene language.
Failing to satisfy his Worship that she had sufficient means of support, she
was sentenced to be imprisoned with hard labour for three months.

GEORGE BELL was summarily convicted off having stolen a butter cooler and
knife, valued at 38 shillings, the property of JOHN MAHONY, a publican, of
Sussex Street, who missed it from his dining room about 4p.m., and reported
the matter to the police.

Sergeant MULQUEENY, in the course of the evening, found the property in a
pawn shop listed for sale at 8 shillings, and the prisoner was soon
afterwards in custody. The pawnbroker said that he purchased it for 3
shillings and 6 pence from a man he took to be a hawker.

To be imprisoned 6 months.

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