Monday, August 17, 2009

Three Cephalonia certificates

Three UK GRO certificates I ordered that were not useful.

Certified copy of an entry of Death
Return of Burial solemnized at Argostoli the Island of Cephalonia in the Year 1836 by the Rev'd J. Buchanan Offing. Chaplain to the Troops
Rank: Private soldier
Regiment: 2nd Battn. Rifle Brigade
When Buried: 1836 5th March
Age: 28 years 6 months
By whom the ceremony was performed: J. Buchanan Offing. Chaplain

Certified Copy of an Entry of Death
Burials in Cephalonia in the Ionian Islands in the Year 1853
Name: Nicholas Hodge, Corporal 2nd Battalion, 1st Royal Regt.
Abode: Cephalonia
When Buried: May 31st 1853
Age: 33 years & 3 months
By whom the ceremony was performed: Chas. G. Munro

Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth
Return of Baptisms solemnized by the Revd. G. Warnock & other Chaplains to the Forces in the Mediterranean & for His Majesty's 10th Regiment of Foot from 27th October 1816 to 24th January 1830
Date of Birth: 7th December 1818
Place & Date of Baptism: Cefelonia 13th Decr 1818
Christian Name: Elizabeth
Christian name of Parents: James and Susannah
Surname of Parents: Hodge
Rank of the father: Private
Signature of the Chaplain: G.W. Warnock, Chaplain to the Forces

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