Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tamaroora news

Playing with the new Google News Archives I found the following articles in the Sydney Morning Herald related to Tambaroora that I found to be interesting.

The Sydney Morning Herald. - Dec 4, 1863
Tambaroora. Thursday, 7:30 p.m. Particulars have been received here of two bushrangers, young men on foot, armed with revolvers, stiking up two diggers, between Tambaroora and Sofala, on Monday, at noon. The bushrangers plundered the diggers of 30 pounds in money, watches and other articles. Traces of the robbers remain undiscovered.

The Sydney Morning Herald. - Feb 24, 1864
Tambaroora. Tuesday, 7 p.m. The Commissioner held an enquiry to-day on the body of Joseph Thornthwaite, aged forty-five, who expired suddenly this morning. The evidence showed that deceased had been suffering lately from diarrhoea. Verdict, died from natural causes. Weather gloomy.

The Sydney Morning Herald. - May 17, 1864
Tambaroora. It is reported to-day that an Englishman named John Colville, well known here, was found dead, and that fould play is suspected.

Death registration is probably

The Sydney Morning Herald. - Jun 30, 1864
Tambaroora. The body of a Chinaman drowned in the Macquarie, near Pyramul, a week ago, while attempting to cross in a boat, was recovered yesterday; four others narrowly escaped, and another at the junction of the Turon with the Macquarie was found to-day. Inquiries were held, and a verdict of accidental death was given.

The Sydney Mail - Nov 5, 1864
Thursday, 5 p.m. About eight o'clock last night, three bushrangers attacked Sharpe's Store, Lower Pyramul Diggings, about twelve miles from this place. The bushrangers attempted to force the door; they had partially succeeded, when a servant of Mr. Sharpe, named Massan, attempted to secure it, and, in doing so, was shot by the robbers, and died within half-an-hour. Mr. Sharpe returned their fire and is supposed to have wounded one man, as a gun besmeared with blood and indented with shot marks, was found outside the door. The robbers retreated after Mr. Sharpe fired, and, owing to the darkness of the night, it is fear they cannot be identified. The affair has caused great excitement. The police are actively searching for them.

The Sydney Mail - Aug 26, 1865
Tambaroora. Thursday, 3 p.m. An enquiry was held today on the body of an old Scotchman, named Hugh McCumstey, who was found dead this morning at Bald Hills. The evidence was that the deceased was an inveterate drunkard, and it is supposed that he died of apoplexy whilst under the influence of drink.

The Sydney Morning Herald. - Oct 6, 1865
Tambaroora. Thursday. The body of a Chinaman was discovered yesterday, lying at Treamble Creek, seventeen miles from here. There was a large wound in the abdomen. He is supposed to have been murdered about four days ago.

The Sydney Morning Herald. - Oct 7, 1865
Tambaroora. Friday evening. The inquiry into the murdered Chinaman, a digger, commenced to-day, and was adjourned for a week for the production of further evidence. Mr Charles Suttor's shepherd stated that whilst approaching a secluded portion near Triamble Creek in quest of water, he observed deceased's knees above water, his head and feet being submerged. Large stones were lying on his shoulders and head. Senior-constable Kelly traced boot prints on the blood-bespattered stones around. Seventeen heavy dagger looking wounds about the head, heart and chest, any one sufficient to cause death ; also a lacerated gash on the stomach, causing eviceration. Portions of deceased's clothes were found lying on the bank. The body is in a state of advanced decomposition. It was interred, surrounded with sheets of bark, near the spot. No clue as to the perpetrator.

The Sydney Morning Herald. - Aug 21, 1868
Tambaroora. Thursday. The half of the police magistrate's quarters at Hargreaves was burnt down this morning. The estimated loss of the Government is about 150 pounds, and Mr. Scott's personal property over 300 pounds. The supposed cause was the over-heated flue of the drawing-room chimney. The building being all weather-board, and the fire occuring between 2 and 3 a.m., not a single article could be saved. No lives lost.

The Sydney Morning Herald. - Nov 23, 1869
Tambaroora. Monday. Miss Isabella Mary Louisa McLean, 21 years old, was accidentally killed on Friday, the 19th instant, by the capsizing of a cart she was driving. It is surmised that the horse bolted and capsized the cart. Her body was found about ten feet distant from the cart. Life was quite extinct, with marks of severe bruises on the chest, neck, and collar-bone. She was buried on Sunday, and followed to her grave by an immense concourse of people, there being not less than two hundred horsemen, and a great many vehicles. Although the horse was not dead when the accident was discovered, he only lived two hours.


Her headstone is listed at
 Isabella McLean is buried at Windeyer General  Cemetery, aged 20, died on 19 Nov 1869. Buried with Hector McLean, aged 54, died on 12 Apr 1857.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Three Cephalonia certificates

Three UK GRO certificates I ordered that were not useful.

Certified copy of an entry of Death
Return of Burial solemnized at Argostoli the Island of Cephalonia in the Year 1836 by the Rev'd J. Buchanan Offing. Chaplain to the Troops
Rank: Private soldier
Regiment: 2nd Battn. Rifle Brigade
When Buried: 1836 5th March
Age: 28 years 6 months
By whom the ceremony was performed: J. Buchanan Offing. Chaplain

Certified Copy of an Entry of Death
Burials in Cephalonia in the Ionian Islands in the Year 1853
Name: Nicholas Hodge, Corporal 2nd Battalion, 1st Royal Regt.
Abode: Cephalonia
When Buried: May 31st 1853
Age: 33 years & 3 months
By whom the ceremony was performed: Chas. G. Munro

Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth
Return of Baptisms solemnized by the Revd. G. Warnock & other Chaplains to the Forces in the Mediterranean & for His Majesty's 10th Regiment of Foot from 27th October 1816 to 24th January 1830
Date of Birth: 7th December 1818
Place & Date of Baptism: Cefelonia 13th Decr 1818
Christian Name: Elizabeth
Christian name of Parents: James and Susannah
Surname of Parents: Hodge
Rank of the father: Private
Signature of the Chaplain: G.W. Warnock, Chaplain to the Forces